I have started to rent DVD's and watch them on my laptop, however I cannot watch new DVD's as there seems to be some kind of lock which prevents me from watching them. First I thought I did not have the appropriate software on my laptop because as always there seems to be new technologies appearing. So I dowloaded latest versions of Intervideo DVD 6, Cyberlink Power DVD 6 and also have the Windows Media Player 10. No joy!!

Have you heard of any type of anti piracy technology that is now on all rental DVD's? or do I need a certain software?
Older film titles on DVD work!!

Lastly I mention rental DVD's because I have bought some DVD's and they work fine?

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Maybe. Only because DVD priracy and music piracy are so big right now, that the Fed's are lockign everything. And jsut seem to be going way to far on this one. hehe. You try it any were else. Like a real dvd player? There are tools i think to break it. Try google. Also get a copy of DivX, or winace codec's Im sure they will by pass this lock, or if you hd is large enough rip the cd, and re burn it. w/outlock of course (if nero picks it up)

Ever more DVDs feature extensive copy protection. This may prevent them from being played in computers.

Just get a real DVD player, they cost next to nothing and the image quality is a lot better on a TV than on a computer screen using some software.

It of course makes it impossible to copy the DVD but you weren't planning that, now were you?

Also, lots of these copy-protected DVDs require you to install this Interactual DVD player program, which can actually be considered as spyware. Sometimes, that's the only way to get those movies to play.

An appliance DVD player connected via component video cable to a decent large screen TV beats the hell out of watching movies on a PC anyway. Using your PC to watch movies is a long, long way second best!

And yes, that would be an incompatibility between the PC's DVD drive and copy protection technologies included on the DVD.

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