Hi, I'm Andrew. I never really know what to say in these "about me" or "introduce yourself" type things.

I'm a huge computer geek. I've been working with computers for 5+ years now, and a proud Linux user for at least half that time. Due to present circumstances, I can't attend college right now, and haven't been able to for a few years. I've been self-studying as much as I can for over 2 years now, and have gotten pretty far along. I'm saving to take my A+ and Network+ certifications, and am studying for my CCNA, with hopes to earn my SCSA and RHCE in the future. I'll be going to college for Network Engineering, hoping to get a job as a Network or Systems Administrator.

I've done my share of playing around with my computers. I currently run a standard-fare gaming rig, a couple older PII systems, one of which will become my server, and a Pentium Pro laptop (just for kicks). I'm definitely familiar with Linux and Windows, and VMWare Server, with a deep interest in Solaris/OpenSolaris, and Cisco.

Hey and welcome! - Do you mind if i ask you some questions on behalf of the staff?

We have just had a redesign. Before it, anyone viewing the site was asked to create an account, but this is now no longer the case.

Hopefully this will reduce the number of people who register than never post (something like 60% of accounts are like this). Anyway, what are your opinions of the design? Did you find this welcome board easialy enough? - There was a nice flash-based welcome movie but thats not been reinstated yet. I will see if I can find a link.

Anyway, on the technical side... Ive got a pentium II server too, a Compaq Proliant 1600 and am also interested in virtualisation and unix-like systems. Have you tried the new opensolaris release candidate? fixes a lot of issues with the package manager. Im currently studying computing degree and hoping to do a microsoft cert.

Good luck with your studies and I hope you enjoy the site.