I am a mumbai university engg. graduate in IT, 2008 batch and i've been working with a software firm as a java/jsp programmer. I left the job after 3 months and currently im a visiting lecturer for a engineering polytechnic college. Im interested in taking free lance projects but before that I need to learn a lot. That is exactly what brought me here.

Hi! I'm... err.. kanaku (not my real name). I'm an avid stalker of the introductions forum since... a week ago. This is exactly what brought me to your topic and now I'm going to bombard you with questions like I did the others:

By batch 2008 did you mean you graduated last year or you're a freshman student? (Because I'm batch 2005 and it means I entered college 3-4 years ago)

Visiting lecturer! out of the country? Anyway, welcome to daniweb Arshad!