I was busy on my pc when i started hearing funny noises and sparks from the power supply box in my pc then while windows was still running and i quickly pulled out the power cable so im worried about my mother board it doesnt show any signs of damage but still it could of done some damage right? But the only thing thats smelling like burnt is the power supply box in my pc not the mother board or any thing!
I just want to know if my motherboard is fine and why my power supply unit burnt so i can prevent things like this from happening in the future!

Please if anybody can help me i would be greatful...

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PSUs often burn if the power (electricity) fluctuates. In this case, you should use a power regulator designed specifically for computers.

The other problem is that the amount of power that your motherboard needs is higher that the amount that your PSU provides, hence, if you use devices that use more power and energy, it would damage your PSU.

In this case, you should change the PSU to the one that suits your needs. For this, I've had an answer to a thread on PSU power calculator, where you can find and use, in order to calculate the amount of power your computer consumes and the PSU that you should buy.

Good luck.

When you use the power calculator add 200 watts to the end result because you also have add ons that the calculator does not calculate like usb devices. Or hardware upgrades. Best to get a 600 watt PSU. Its a safe bet.

Best to get a 600 watt PSU. Its a safe bet.

Wattage isnt nececerially the important bit. Its efficiency, and current. Bigger isnt nececerially better, its just a way they try and sell it to you.

A cheapass 600w PSU will only be about 30-50 % efficient whereas a high end one could be 60% to 80%. And the biggie is the +12v current, especially for gamers. Modern cards need 22a+ on it.

I run a Pentum 4 (power hungry) with an geforce 8800 on a 500w psu just fine. The stock PSU was a 350w.

jbennet - Go down to your local computer shop (the one that is outside), and ask them what would reccommend for your system. I bet you they would say at least 28 amps, perhaps even 32 amps, or 600 to 800 watts. And I didn't say buy a cheapie, either.
Also, while you are there, could you ask them what they stock in PSU and the min and max watts available.

When you get back, let me know, okay?
Also, just for a test, attach your printer and scanner, maybe a few other devices as well like your phone and camera and Ipod. Fill up all those USB ports. Now how about burning a DVD for me. Make sure it is burned at 4 X for better burning ratio, okay?

Hmmm what's that smell? Where is it coming from? Why is the cpu making all that noise? Why is the dvd/cd drive making all that whirring noise? Hang on, my usb keyboard doesn't work properly. Now my mouse is acting up.

Well said machine (P4 cedar mill, stock 3.8ghz, overclocked to 4.2) with 4gb of ram and an 8800 1gb and 2 DVD drives and 2 SATA2 (7200RPM) hard drives has been running just fine for the last what, 3 years?

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