My name is Robert from the Antelope Valley, Ca.
I am very excited to join this group of brilliant minds. Thanks to DANIWEB to make this possible.

About me click <url snipped>

Whatever we have accomplished for the past 2 1/2 years we decided to compile it into our linux distro focused on family security.
With the following:
- all the tools and information to ensure financial security (i.e. mortgages, retirement, savings, kids education, etc.)
- multi-media/entertainment (so the home will have a centralized system that enables web based tv/movies/music detaching the useless boob tube and news media sources)
- network security built around clarckconnect or other similar linux dedicated firewall system.
- office suite
- games
- video/photo suites

This is the main reason why I joined. I believe I can find answers from all of you. Of course anything contributed will be mentioned in the open source resources.

Thanks to all of you.


Ive done debiab/rehat remasters before if thats any help.

Also beware about distributing media codecs. Same goes for distributingh non-GPL drivers and frimware like many softmodems and graophics cards use. In the US its technically illegal to watch DVDs on linux too. Its a bit of a pitfall which is why manby distros dont ship with these by default but have them as an optional extra which may be downloaded for use by users in countries for where it is legal.