I disagree totally!


When they do something bad,they should be delt with WITHOUT VIOLENCE (If possible)

"I need my insulin!" lol

Or 'drug' em, instead.

spanking is one thing -- and ok. beating is quite another and punishable by some prison time. Parents who have a hard time distinguishing between the two need some serious time with a head shrink.

I can't really believe that he is serious but then I looked around on his site and don't know what to think.

I think the author goes a little far with the 'beating your kids' part, but as Ancient Dragon said, a spank isn't too bad. Even though I obviously don't have kids yet... sometimes I think it's just the best solution to showing them that you're serious :icon_rolleyes: Especially after watching a parent being shouted at by their kids, and giving in to them, it's supposed to be the other way round :icon_exclaim: