Gomory, Pitbulls in the Nursery, Necroblasphemy, and Trepalium

Because the French know how to play real death metal, while being original if not avant garde, like how DM use to be back when it was still being defined in the late '80s/early '90s.
They even have solos! What bands actually does those, and not some breakdowns with a few squealing pinches?

This just makes me hate all the "random bi-polar melodic goth/emo sludge&thud pop core" crap bands of today, even more.

OMG! I just had this really freaky image - back in 1988 (approximately) I was in Paris for their really huge July 14th celebration; I mean really, really huge - they cleaned up and painted all the buildings and bridges and monuments for this. They got Jean Michel Jarre to set up in La Defense inside Le Grand Arch with speakers set up all over Paris with giant screens and all sorts of foofora -- what if they had Gomeory/necroplaspheme do the show instead. I think that sound would still be reververating around the world.

But I digress

Er, thanks for the links - I had never heard of any of them but they knocked my socks off.

(someone made the comment "love the vocals" -- isn't that an insult, implying you could understand them)

Death metal: boooring... like the word says, death?
Let's say Trepalium can pass my standards...

Death metal: boooring... like the word says, death?
Let's say Trepalium can pass my standards...

So I guess you're not into: Funeral Doom, or Drone Doom, or Stoner Doom, or Swans(yeah they're like their own genre), or Dark Ambient.

Listen to all of that and you win $25! You provide your own SSRI. :P

Seeing how you probably prefer something groovy and upbeat, how about: the other Frenchies Gojira(not DM IMO), the ultra experimental Gorguts(French Canadians), or Spawn of Possession(ever song is a technical mindscrew).

And yes, I am bored enough to sit here and just post bands all day.

Been back into Alkaline Trio of late - esp, "Crimson", "Remains" and "Agony and Irony".

Eminem. The best rapper alive.

That's old news, Mosaic :D

Do bear in mind that tempo, tone and lyrics are quite different... is quite possible the melody was written first, then two sets of lyrics evolved from the creative process. A similar example can be found in Sum 41's repertoire... the aptly named "Subject to change" - a bonus track on their "Chuck" album, was largely rewoven (basic melody and chorus retained) into the title track "Underclass Hero" for their next album.

Just remembered G'n'R's own example of this, releasing "Don't Cry" in two alternate versions :)

Oasis :icon_evil:

The only time I listen to Oasis, is when I watch videos of them getting their asses kicked on stage.

Oftentimes i would listen to instrumental music.. especially when i am writing articles.. There would be times that i listen to Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston's songs.. But when I feel like remembering the times i am with my family especially my dad, i listen to Tom Jones and Frank Sinatra.. :)

The only time I listen to Oasis, is when I watch videos of them getting their asses kicked on stage.

I take it you don't like Oasis :D
My band wanted to do a cover of Wonderwall so I just went with it. But it is a really good song in my opinion. But to each his own.

I've had a bit of a new album frenzy recently, so I've been listening to lots of new music...Those of you who know me will be unsurprised to know that they were all metal!

I picked up the recent albums by Behemoth, Cannibal Corpse, Slayer, Megadeth, Nile and Alice In Chains.

Here are my thoughts for any daniweb metallers out there:
The Cannibal Corpse (Evisceration Plague) and Slayer (World Painted Blood) albums are pretty much your standard fare for these two bands.

Cannibal Corpse have in the past been referred to as the AC/DC of death metal, because you always know what you're going to get from them...And I guess by that token Slayer must be the AC/DC of thrash. There are no instant classics on either of these albums. No new 'Hammer Smashed Face's, or 'South of Heaven's, but they are solid albums nevertheless.

Although I am left wondering what happened to Slayers guitar tone on WPB...Is it me or does it seem a bit weaker in the mix than before? Anyone else noticed that? or is that just me? The guitar tone is way different!

The Nile (Those Whom The Gods Detest) and Behemoth (Evangelion) albums are brutal as hell. Just as you'd expect from these two bands! Again, I don't think there's anything groundbreaking on them; but they are good, solid technical death metal albums with some amazingly fast blasts and double bass footwork!

The new Megadeth album (Endgame) is the best thing they've done since Rust in Peace (IMHO!)...I'm not sure, but Endgame might just be better than Rust....It's growing on me that much. Highly recommended with lashings and lashings of uptempo thrashings! Check out the track Headcrusher...Megadeth at their best!

And as for the new Alice In Chains album (Black Gives Way To Blue).....wow!
I always thought that a lot of their sound was down to Layne Stayleys (RIP) unmistakable vocal style. I'd never realised how much of their signature vocal sound was actually down to Jerry Cantrell's backing vocals! Their new vocalist is great too. A more than worthy replacement for the late, great Layne. There are some great songs on the album too. In fact I'm finding it hard to pick a favourite, it's that good!

I also picked up an album by a band I'd never heard of before, The Faceless (Planetary Duality)... And I've never heard anything like it! They jump from brutal Nile-esque death metal to progressive death metal (like Atheist or Cynic), to full-on Jazz/fusion. They also sound a bit like Dream Theatre in some of their proggy moments. There are a few Meshuggah moments here and there too, plus nods to Arcturus..Jaw dropping stuff, amazingly technical musicians! And the singer can actually sing too!

Just thought I'd share!

Cheers for now,
\m/ :) \m/

Listening to Jimi Hendrix : born 27 november 1942

Sentient - DEBC, off of Dieselboy's System Upgrade album.

Something very weird just happened to my comfort zone.

Was that something all for the better?

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FREE - Oh I Wept

This song has ruined my ideas about the originality of the BIG rock names of the 70's. Purple et al, aw no.

As for AxCx - oh dear.

Listening to new riffs from the two guitarists in my band.....Now I've got to come up with some drum ideas and program/demo them with Cubase at lunchtime....Meh! :yawn: As if I don't have enough to do!

Someone earlier mentioned some French Metal - here is more (I hope this is not a repeat)

Something very weird just happened to my comfort zone.

Was that something all for the better?

Most changes to my comfort zone are for the better, though sometimes my head hurts for a while.