Steven Curtis Chapman, his songs are just amazing - with some sad stories behind them too, especially after his 5 year old daughter died in a car accident. Cinderella, Remembering you - kinda wish they hadn't played this on Narnia, so instead I found a Chrno Crusade video with it instead :)

Whatever's playing on Offshore Music Radio via its iTunes radio channel. Reliving the days of Radio Caroline and her sister ships.

Er, President Obama's (state of the Union) speech to the joint house/senate.

Are you stating that in an apologetic sort of way?

Are you stating that in an apologetic sort of way?

Yep - I was not listening to music like everyone else here but truth be told, his speech made me proud and thankful.

Avenged Sevenfold :)

Another good band.
Actually listening to them right now on Slacker Radio - "Almost Easy".

Texas is the Reason - A Jack With One Eye

favourite song ever.

Some of their songs (and videos) are a bit odd though, 'A Little Peace of Heaven' comes to mind ...

Agreed. I don't care for that one, nor "Dear God" (I banned that track after about 7 seconds of it).

This drummer is so f--ing good - he is playing live for the cd release party. I was just there but as an old f*rt I could not stay for the full club scene but that drummer. Probably they will be on to other things by the time you get to the site but DJ Myng says they will be keeping it in deep rotation, so it will come around again.

I may have pllugged here before but they are having a release party tonight - got me hyped up enough that I may rebuild my old radio show that I build up in my youth - who know.

Listening my fav song from Basshunter - Now you're gone

i was expecting some bass virtuoso kind of music, ended up to see techno kind of thing. i dont like this type of music at this time.

i like natalia lezs, especially her fall-like songs, woman is also good.
before seeing her face i wasnt expecting someone with silicon lips and estetically modified eyebrows. although she is polish, it is hard to distinguish it from her accent.

i like leah andreone, i dont understand why she didnt become popular. i like when woman are critisizing the things with displaying some kind of acceptance for the fact that we are weak, they integrate it into their voice. i wish my english was better to explain such things better, i started to learn english at the age of 23, so my enlish is mostly limited to my technical language. I dont even know if english language has a support for feelings as turkish does.

err... what is going on here?

I like this song..

I guess you have an awful taste for music then :icon_wink:

Nothing - Can See
Olle Carlson one day is playing grunge, another day happily playing(in Swedish) stoned, another mixing the most relentless raw DM with poetic intros, then other days randomly directing videos for other bands. Crazy, creative musician.

Guys, i purchased an ibanez acoustic guitar yesterday. I downloaded tabs and guitar pro. Now i have an activity which will stop me from thinking :)

commented: Nice :) +7

Now i have an activity which will stop me from thinking :)

How will it stop you from thinking? Guitar just shifts your though focus.

you have to be so focused to it that you can not think about anything else. that is kind of a meditation.