"Innocence" - Halestorm

how many of you listened "the organ" from lake of tears?

Tuccillo Feat. Patty Pravo - Bambola (Original Mix)

30 Seconds To Mars

Herbie Hancock- Sextant and Miles Davis' Bitches Brew..The classics man!

my black eyed peas channel on pandora

"Eat The Rich" - Aerosmith

Sonic Syndicate :D

"Detonation" - Trivium

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The album "Halestorm" by Halestorm.
Got the CD for Christmas :D

Static at approx 110 dB. Listening to the universe waiting for someone to say something.

A.R. Rehman Songs
Indian devotionals...

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Queensryche - "Operation: Mindcrime"

quit playing games with my heart

I hope you don't have as many personalities as you have Daniweb accounts. Could be a real mess between those ears if that's the case.

I'm listening to Smile by Lily Allen.. :) Is that okay? I'm a girl anyway.. hahaha xD

my voice only..

Listening to Jimi Hendrix a bit of Bon Jovi along with a bit of Hed PE. A bit of a variety.