Well, where do you start; never did this since I was in High School.
I live in North East England, not far from the coast and retired from a local Police Force nealy 15 years ago, after serving 30 years. NO NASTY COMMENTS PLEASE, 'COS I WILL FIND YOU !! ;)
My interests are :-
Programming in VB6 (reasonably successfully) and .Net ; trying to make the conversion to the latter.
Photography. I have just made the transition from Compact Digital to Digital SLR cameras with a Canon EOS 100D (For those of you in The USA , A Canon Digital Rebel)
Woodworking. From my workshop in the rear garden.
Tampering with electronic circuits
Cooking in all it's forms, including Chinese, Italian, Indian, Indonesian and on odd occasions, traditional English.
Not really a lot of time left for anything else !
All in all, a really nice guy to know ;)