Hey guys, I'm Kevin, hows it going?

random stuff about me:
Age/sex: 16/M

Hobbies: reading,swimming,writing poetry,piano,games, music

Musical genres: progressive rock, hardcore/thrash, techno, trance, indie, alternative, industrial, symphonic rock, classical, thug


Goals(programmingwise): I'm currently learning c++ at my school but hope to expand my repetoire to include c#, java, and lua; as well as some python if possible.

Why I like Programming: It's fun because it extends(or rather solidifies) problem solving. Its like a puzzle with an infinite number of solutions, and the best(and worst) part is your code will only do what you tell it to do(reliability).

Other Things: I can be a grammar nazi at times and I tend to lose my self in arguments for fun.(exciting, I know)

Cool. Welcome :)

Java should be pretty easy if you know some C++, im doing Java and C++ at university right now myself.

Quite a varied taste in music you have there.

Enjoy the site!