hi all ,

One way to gain a good computer knolwedge about the operating systems and how they work is just dig into the hardware.
what are the best sites ( please not books ) for hardware diggers and
programmers . Now I just installed the DSL linux in my old 486 laptop computer and playing with serial port with MAX232 and some kind of poor microcontroller.

anyhow just put a post if you know a best hardware digging site.

This may be helpful for the future thread diggers who want's to dig into the hardware.

Dowload a source, and perhaps look around in:

  • linux-2.x.x\include\serial.h
  • linux-2.x.x\include\serial_core.h
  • linux-2.x.x\drivers\serial\serial_core.c

hmm let me post a link here


That site is about file format specifications.I take that site by digging a thread @on member Loard Dragon. Anyhow I write that
speaker program under the free dos ( part II of the fun is using the open source ).

Now I'm trying the keyboard examples.

What I think is 486 laptop + linux + freedos is the best choice to have some fun with those hardware suff.

Please post here something about you'r hardware programming fun , let's share the wine .

Well i would like to say thanks for sharing such a nice link buddy. Its very informative. It 'll helps me a lot in future. Thanks again buddy.