I am going to college soon and I am looking for a job. Anything in particular really. I have a high school diploma and no previous job experience. I would enjoy working with anything relating to computers. What are the typical low skilled computer jobs out there? I am not looking for any high paying computer jobs (ie. I am looking for jobs in the range of $6.75-$10.00/hr), just something working with computers in general. I need some ideas of where to look. The only jobs I know where I could work around a computer-oriented environment is at places that sell computers (ie. Fry's, staples etc.).


once you get to college, go check out the computer labs. It's a great way to gain experience and not too stressful while you are in school

Check the contractors (Manpower, etc. )and let them know you're looking for Level One Help Desk. If you know the slightest about Microsoft any big company will hire you from an agency. Basically you will get a call, check out the issue on a database and fix the issue. It's a really simple job and gets you moving into the corporate world right off the bat.

I read you posts, nowadays everyone looking for computing jobs. Myself also a computer science graduate. When i was looking job i searched in internet . I founded the cloudjobs.net. I posted my resume and they guided me to get a good job. Now am working in software programmer.You also try that website.

then find a job of networking i think then you can enjoy a lot and also gain experience about computer hardware.

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