Hi everyone, i'm new in here. My name is Tony Tan Hong Chuan. i"m from Malaysia. I now studying in university and studying computer engineering. A lots of things about programming i still not understand. I hope that i can learn more through here. Thx for helping me in here. Glad to meet u all here...

Hey Tony,

nice you are here. I am also new on this board. So welcome from a new-arround-here to another new-around-here


nice to meet u too.... i looking for a program code about linked list in C++...

sorry, I am not really very familiar with c++ maybe you could open a new thread for your questions in the related forum.


mmm... its ok... so where u from? u studying programming also?


Im studying Java myself, but i have experience with linked lists in that language. Maybe I can help?

hey toni,

no i am already finished, I am going to write my PhD in physics.


i'm Owuraku Asare Ansah from Ghana.I offered Information Techonology in one of the reputable Universities in Ghana.In fact i need to learn more about everything in I.T.