HI Friends,
I am doing my project in a Web Application... Its about the tracking system....
I am actually very new to it.. So I need ur guidance...

I am using 2 listboxes in a form for displaying the reports... In that one listbox will contain the details of the groups to which the vehicle belongs and the second listbox will contain the list of vehicles that comes under that particular group..... I actually need ur assistance to do the coding for this part... I will be very thankful to you...

Thanking you.......


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I am sorry to break it to you but we don't do peoples homework/assignments here....What we will do is help you when you have shown us that you have made an effort to help yourself. And gladly we will help you, but we will not complete it for you. So show us where you are having problems and we will try to help you as best we can :)


K fine.......... Will seek your help whenever i have some doubt...Since i am new to this field, I asked you for help.... Sorry 4 d inconvenience..... Anywyz..... Thanks a ton.....


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