Hi Everyone, I have a really irritating problem with my system running under Windows XP.
My system keeps regualrly crashing leaving me with a blue screen and the following error message. "Driver_IRQL_NOT_Less_OR_Equal Stop: 0x00000000D1
w22N51.sys Address F8067988 base at F7FF3000

I have been on to Microsoft.com, where there seems to be a miriad of "fixes" but nothing that relates to the above message.

Any ideas anyone

Thanks Jill

You ll have to be a bit more specific about the issue, is there any particular application that you are using when it does that? Or maybe on the times when you are using more demanding applications running on your machine?

It could happen due to a few different reasons, so let us know and maybe we would be able to help you out.


I've always seen this be a bad RAM problem. You can try and swap your sticks (reseat etc.) but more then likely one of the sticks is going bad and you need a replacement.

Hey there matey
Should you need more help than give us more info.
cheers fella