i have to create 1 jsp page containing 2 radio buttons-buy,sell
if i select "buy"radio button,it should display 2 jsp page containing drop down menus
if i select items from drop down list,click on "submit" button
it should dispay another page.
can u pls send me the code for that

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1. Not urgent. To suggest that this "problem" is more important than anyone else's problem here, and we should just stop everything and "help" you, and you alone, is just plain rude.

2. Post your code and give a complete, but still brief, description of your problem (including all error messages with their stacktraces) and we may help you correct it, but we are definately not going to do it for you. To suggest that we freely do your (home)work for you is also just plain rude, and, more than likely unethical. If we did, how then would you have earned your money or education (not that you learn anything that way).

3. Stop with the sms speak. You have an entire keyboard in front of you use it. That stuff is just plain irritating and the fact that you're using it here says loads about your own work habits if you're so unmotivated that you can't even type the additional 3 (Oh My God 3 whole characters) to type the word please. Not to mention that not everyone who visits these forums is English, and sometimes have a hard enough time with the "real" language. You effectively exclude them everytime you type like that.

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Some very good advice :)
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