Hi ya folks!

El Guapo here. I've had a look at the site a couple of times and was amazed firstly at the amount of info and knowledge here and secondly the number of members. Anyway, the reason I'm here is because I thought I'd try and learn a little about coding, just for the sheer interest. I have no aspirations to become a programmer or an IT expert but just a desire to learn something new.

If you're wondering why, it's simple! I play an online game called Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory and over the years I've wondered about the .cfg files and using the console and so I thought I might take a little interest in finding out what all this hard work that people have put in is really all about.

So, with that in mind I thought I'd look here and start straight from basics. I haven't looked at any code since I was a kid, about thirty odd years ago, so for me it's right back to basics looking at the very start point, even before the coding begins. I'm not in any hurry so coding in 24hours isn't needed for me but if anybody has any advice for me and any knowledge then I will always be very happy to listen!

I'll shut up now then, shall I!?


Look forward to speaking with some of you! All the best...



Wolfenstein was a pretty good game, but i havent played it since it was new.

'Modding' games is pretty fun. There is quite a few for Wolfenstein.

Hi ya jb! (mind if I call you that??)

Thanks for the welcome bud! Tell you the truth, I have no idea in which language Wolfenstein ET is even written! I'm supposing that it was written in C or C+ because of its age but I BET ya I'm wrong!

Now I've got your ear though (in fact, eyes!), if you were me,as a TOTAL newby, where would you start jb? Obviously I need to find out which language it is first but then, should I learn about the language first or the IDE or just go right back and learn about flowcharts and algorithms? I don't even know how problem solving begins in any of these languages because I only ever looked at BASIC as a kid.

So, guidance where to start is what's needed for me and if you point me in that direction there's a beer in it for ya! :icon_surprised:

Thanks in anticipation and I'm sorry if I picked on you jbennet! Thanks for your time and help!

Best regards