Hi, everybody, nice forum. I've been using computers since 1965 (programming with Fortran!)...probably before a lot of you were born. But I've primarily used Apple computers for the past 25 years, although I have used PCs too, and right now my grandson's PC is having a peculiar problem.

I found this site by Googling "computer starts, then stops." I tried to start it again using the power button several times and the same thing happened, or nothing. The thread I found suggested it was a power supply problem, or house wiring. Computer was essentially dead (this was the "troubleshooting dead machines," thread). I called a local repair person and left a message. Three hours later my 8 year old autistic grandson comes in (this is his homeschooling PC), sees that the power button is now blinking yellow, and turns it on!!

It's working now but I'm not inclined to turn it off. I'm renting here and need to know WHAT needs to be checked in the house wiring, if that's the problem. Strangely, the ceiling light in the kitchen often takes some time to warm up enough to turn on (or does it have a motion sensor?? seems strange). Anyway, computers are bound to be less tolerant of such strange electrical problems than ceiling lights...

My Mac is still working...Peace, Kathleen_E

Hard to say since it now works. Sometimes if you are on the computer for more than 3 hours and you are watching a movie on the internet or via the dvd player, or playing games without saving often, the virtual memory becomes full and shuts down the computer.
Also, you may have the computer on a powerboard with other things going at the same time like a heater?

No, it was just left on overnight with a screensaver--no games or movies. No heaters or powerboards...plugged into an APC BackUPS for surge protection...however, we have had a lot of rain this week and for Florida that means thunderstorms. A number of light bulbs went out at once. I didn't notice any digital clocks being off, but maybe we might have had a mild power surge that still got through.

Thanks for the reply! I had the computer repair person here, because I don't do hardware...he didn't find anything but is a good contact to have since I am new in this city. It's been working OK now.


Oh, BTW, he fixed the light fixture in the kitchen, which apparently just had some loose connections.

The UPS Backup Battery only lasts for about 5 minutes. It lets you close all applications and shutdown safely. Since you had the computer running overnight a power outtage may have caused a power surge and, although you are surge protected, you did not shutdown safely because you were asleep. The computer may be set to turn Hibernation Mode. Perhaps this is all it was and all you needed to do was press a button to come out of Hibernation?
Check your settings -
Right-Click Desktop > Properties > Screen Saver
Click "Power"
Go through the Tabbed Options and see what has been selected.
The UPS Tab will show an estimated battery life.
Next time you leave it on overnight, better to shutdown all applications that are not required.

Sounds like a case of a failing power supply for sure!

I've got a machine on the floor right now with a psu that caused me some hours of hair pulling.

It will work on it's side and upside down??? The computer went funny exactly like yours some months ago, then went good as gold for a long while.

Then it played up again. I have tracked it down to a loose somethig inside the psu, took me a while but I eventually took the psu out while everything was still connected, fired it up and tapped the thing with a screw driver while everything was running, wallah! computer shut off.

I would be fairly certain your psu is developing a case of a loose something internally due to age (bit like myself ;-) LOL).

If it happens again, get a new one. Hope this helps in the future.

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