:( I accidently posted a thread meant for this forum and got a tirade of abuse from "you know who". Be careful with the feedback forum. Only post feedback that is appropriate.:'(

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I saw no such thing. What post might you be referring to(that contains the alleged abuse)?

I believe you didn't need to bother posting this tale of caution, when an individual could just read the rules and other plainly stated notices.


If you post something in the wrong forum, just hit the "Flag Bad Post" blue link and request a mod to move it to somewhere else. We realize people are not perfect and sometimes make mistakes. You will not get any grief from any of the moderators if you ask us to move your thread, unless of course you want it moved to an inappropriate forum.


>I accidently posted a thread meant for this forum
>and got a tirade of abuse from "you know who".
Please link to the thread you're referring to. Looking at your account, I see you've only started five threads, none of which contain any form of abuse. You've never received a warning or an infraction, and none of your posts appear to have taken abuse either.

All of this "tirade of abuse" and "berating me" came completely out of nowhere. "You know who" isn't helpful either. If you really have a problem with a post, report it as AD suggested. These whines and warnings to others are completely unproductive and unprofessional.


I'll admit that my first reply to that thread assumed you had gotten a warning prior to asking the question. Now I'm confused as to why you were irritated enough to ask in the first place. Are you just too sensitive to handle honest people?


>I surrender. you are right. I am wrong.
I'm not trying to be right, I'm trying to figure out what the hell your problem is. If you're going to act like a five year old, I'll be happy to treat you like one.

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