Hey, well basicly i was abit stupid and deleted everything of the startup list, and well the next time i start up my computer (windows xp sp2, laptop) i usually have to login, so i do, it goes "windows is logging in.." then straight away "saving settings.. windows is logging out" and goes back into the login bit, i've tried safe mode and all that stuff and whilst in safe mode using administrator but still it doesn't work, is their a way to fix it without having to take it to the computer shop to get it "rebooted from scratch"? Thanks reply a.s.a.p please.

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Two options, If you didn't already try to use the "last known good configuration" that might do the job. Failing that you can do a "repair install" if you have the original system disk. This will replace all system files, scan the system and configure all the start-up settings, ect,..

iv tried the option but doesnt work and i dont have the CD you mentionee :/

If none of the F8 options work, I don't know of any other options without having a system disk. I hope somebody else has an idea, but as far as I know you're going to need to get an XP disk or take it to somebody (probably a shop) that has one.

Why did you remove EVERYTHING from startup??

Some things ARE NEEDED for your computer to bootup properly....

I understand the want to "clean up" but you gotta be carefull my friend :)

Is there anyway you can get to "System restore"??? (That would probably do it)

you can have nothing in the startup list and still start a computer and use it normally, it's only what was there that WAS needed ... i can't think of any startup item, when removed, would render a computer unbootable. have you tried setting the BIOS to default settings?

are you joined to a domain or not?

you can have nothing in the startup list and still start a computer and use it normally, it's only what was there that WAS needed ...

Thank you,i guess thats what i was trying to say :)

my friend has borrowed me a xp disk, but i think its a pirate, though this is not my original disc would it work to do the things you mentioned?

if its the same editon, e.g xp pro, xp home, and same service pack

Have you tried doi9ng a repair install of windows?

Try that.

The disk will probably work, but it's not just version (home, pro, MCE) it also has to be the same product type (OEM, Retail, Upgrade) and service pack. Be careful not to start an install with the wrong disk, once it's started you wont be able to boot without entering a key the CD recognizes.

How did you go about this deletion?
I saw this once, and the person had used msconfig.
Simply reversing this selection in msconfig fixed it.

I'm Code's friend, just to clarify we fixed it :D

We used another windows xp disc :)

He says thanks for the help.

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