My name is William Hyder, I am 40 years old and currently on active duty in the Navy. I retire in about 18 months and am currently pursuing my BS in Information Systems Security through American Military University. I will have completed my degree by the time I retire and will be looking to get into the industry. I am concurrently working on my CompTia certifications and plan on having A+, Network+, and Security+ completed by then as well. Any advise I can pick up along the way will certainly be appreciated. I found DaniWeb with the intention of networking within this community. I live in the San Diego area and plan on staying here after my transition. Look forward to sharing experiences and information with all of you.

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Abdul Rehman from pakistan. Just completed my Bechelors in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. I just found this WEBSITE while serching some issue for my pc drivers. Its a handy community. got a lot of info from here. hope that we will share our experiences to help each other. hello to all of the members here. have a great time . stay safe


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