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I'm new here. Hello! I am a new comp. sci major and am required to take a beginning course which we learn c++. So far I've been hanging in, but I don't have the greatest teacher to learn from. I've had no formal programming language training. I've actually been learning more by watching Harvard lectures on academicearth.org. I have the Savitch Absolute C++ (3rd edition) along with my professor's course reader which is terrible.. The Savitch book is alright, but I'd prefer a more of a beginner type book. I downloaded the ebook (Learn c++ in 21 days).. So far I enjoy it even though I'm only on the 2nd chapter.

What sources would you all recommend to a beginner in c++? I'd appreciate any suggestions you may have as I'm genuinely interested in learning it, but want to learn it right the first time.

I've been using M$ Visual Studio Express 2005 for my IDE.


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    C++ FAQs by Marshal Cline is a good, free resource. If you are a absolute biginer you must read "The Correct C++ Tutorial" [url]http://home.no.net/dubjai/win32cpptut/html/[/url] Thinking in C++ by Bruce Eckel is a nice book(free online) You may visit the Sticky forum about C++ books [url]http://www.daniweb.com/forums/thread70096.html[/url] Read More

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