New App Will Extend Blackberry Battery Life

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A new utility app, officially released August 6, 2010, makes it possible for Blackberry users to get more life out of their battery by allowing them to decide how to use the remaining power left before recharging. Instead of hearing warning beeps and seeing a screen that doesn't show how much power is left, users can now see how much juice they still have left. PowerBOSS , made by JaredCo. can be configured to existing settings on all Blackberry models and has the ability to override BlackBerry’s system default that typically shuts down all communication at 5% battery life left. The company states that by over-riding this default, PowerBOSS provides more warning time to enable users to make or take that last call, email or text before having to recharge. The app also extends battery life by cutting down on signal searches when you’re off the grid. The interface is intuitive with screen color changes as the battery power drains. The app enables the user to shut down all unnecessary functions to extend battery life during a "must-have" Blackberry connection.

This app is fully supported by the Blackberry support team. It's so new that at this writing there have been only eight reviews, but most Blackberry customers are giving this app a 5-star rating. And according to Blackberry, the app gives "automated updates on available battery life for everything from talking to taking in the latest blockbuster."