There’s a lot happening in the offices of Microsoft, the world’s most popular, and universally loved software company.

Microsoft said Thursday on its TechNet website, that it will be releasing six new security bulletins that affect its Microsoft Windows operating system – one of which is rated critical.

The software company went on to say that the updates will require a computer restart following installation. Microsoft also said it will release an update of its Malicious Software Removal tool.

A webcast for IT professionals will be hosted on Wednesday, August 10, a day after the releases are scheduled to be made.

So why six releases? I called Microsoft to find out. Like all great worldwide corporations, the Rapid Response team was unable to give me quotes from inside the company because, “everybody is out for the weekend. After all, news does take a break on the weekends, so it is understandable.

In other news, the company wrote in a press release today that former Wal-Mart VP Kevin Turner has been appointed Chief Operating Officer at Microsoft.

What will he do? “[He] will be responsible for the strategic and operational leadership of Microsoft’s sales, marketing and service professionals on a global basis as well as the company’s fulfillment and IT operation, said Microsoft.

Microsoft stock climbed 1.61 percent on the announcement. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, giddy and energetic as usual, praised the move.

“I am extremely excited to have Kevin join Microsoft’s executive leadership team, where we will benefit immensely from his experience, proven record of success and passion for technology, said Ballmer.

Ballmer (shown bellow next to new COO Turner) has been with Microsoft since 1980 and has been known for his outgoing personality and ability to quickly ruin any shirt.

LEFT: new Microsoft COO Kevin Turner. RIGHT: CEO Steve Ballmer 'pits out' while speaking to a large crowd.

So what do you think? Will Turner improve Microsoft's chances of succeeding over rival software companies -- such as Google and the Linux movement?

Is the announcement of the security releases a sign that Microsoft's software is not getting any more secure? Or does it show their commitment to providing support for their products?

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