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At the moment, I am using Windows only, Soon I hope to try out Linux :).

I use both *nix (in Various forms [Red Hat, Fedora, BSD, System V, debian, knoppix, and DSL [damnsmall]) and windows XP.

Truth is, I only use XP because I moderate the VB forum, so I have to have a windows box in order to test programs.

I voted for windows only, but once and a while i use some flavor of linux, or even a mac. Mainly im a windows guy tho.

Windows XP, Mac OS X, and Linux (Ubuntu).

Windows for me. I would like to try another OS one day, but after the experience of macs, I really stick to windows now. Its just so convenient :)

Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X, and Linux here.

Windows 3.11 and NT 3.51 - Oh yeah........

windows xp, windows 2003, ubuntu, suse 10.1, sled 10, slax for me.

Ubuntu 6.06 hiopefully if i can get it installed on my goddamn thinkpad r30 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

XP-P, Ubuntu, Debian, FreeBSD.

who the heck keeps deleting my posts?

Windows XP... yup, I'm addicted... errrrrrrrrr, commited :D

Win: 98, 2K, XP
Linux: Fedora, SuSE, Mandriva

Win XP-P, Win Server 2003, Enterprise, FC4, SUSE 10.1 (live). Occasionally, I boot off of my old QNX RTP CD. The Photon graphical environment was pretty slick.

I use Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2, but I have Debian Linux running under coLinux. I actually use the Windows part for very little, short of my games, as well as to recover my coLinux when I get a little too adventurous. Basically, my operating system has become a sort of hybrid, able to run everything. I even have coLinux's home folder as F: via wu-ftpd and Novell Netdrive.

I strongly recommend anyone who wants to try Linux try coLinux. No risk to their main system, no reformatting, not mucking with partitions or bootloaders, no fear of messing the system up from being adventurous, etc. Even for experienced people who need Windows for things, it's a hell of a lot more convenient than dual-booting.

I've had Linux nuts whine to me that it's not real Linux and that that makes it evil. Of course, it IS real Linux, it's just been compiled to run as a Windows APP. I actually use Windows LESS than with a dual-boot because if I, say, need to look something up real quick, I'm not faced with the choice of either having to use a windows-compatible browser and live with the Windows security threats, or reboot every damn time. Windows, despite internally being used heavily, as far as I can see becomes a mere "launcher" for my programs.

Is there a reason that mac isn't on the list?

Is there a reason that mac isn't on the list?

FreeBSD is the tech name for Mac OS X. (Well not exactly, but pretty close)

And it's spelled "Operationg system", not "Ooperating system".

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