As many on Iceland recently found out last week, it certainly matters where you dig!

I caught a recent article on the net mentioning Iceland was left without internet access when a local digger in England cut the fiber optic line that connects Iceland to Europe.

Called the Farice Line, the 1400 km long fiber optic line is the only connection that Iceland has for internet access, aside from the few people whom have satellite access. But then again, satellite access is expensive for internet access.

In Europe and the United States, we are spoiled with our internet access. Multiple large backup trunks are available to keep our connections to the rest of the world alive and happy. Other areas are not so fortunate -- Iceland's remoteness is shared with many countries in the South Pacific, such as Polynesia, Guam, and the Philippines.


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Any idea how many people share that line?


How did that happen? Was there not anything stating there was a line where he was digging?

I know in the US, we have laws dictating that you have to check for utilities before you dig. If he'd done this in the US, he would be pony'ing up the money to pay for the fix.

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