When do u like most in a day?
I love night most, and I feel most confortable at this time!
what about u??
Willing to hear!:)

I like the morning, I like the beginning of a day!!

My favourite times of the day are:
Breakfast time, lunch time, dinner time and bed time!
Oh and lets not forget Miller time! heh heh! :D

No but seriously, being a perennial sun-dodger I love the late night/early morning...
From about 3am, after most of the local drunks have finally stumbled home; to 7:30(ish)am, just as the sun's come up and everybody else is getting ready to go to work still drunk or with the beginning of a mighty hangover.
You can't beat seeing a good sunrise before going to bed on weekends!

And my favourite time of the year is the autumn/winter..'cause the night is that bit longer! :)

I like early mornings to gat up and run to see the sun rise

I like weekend mornings (Saturday and Sunday). No school to worry about. I just get to relax and do what I want.

This varies so much, depending on what I am obsessing about currently:
The night sky at 4:00 am at 12,000 feet;
The sunrise through the mist over a lake;
A few fleeting clouds in a blue sky that recedes to infinity seen at noon from the shade of a tree;
A loud, raucous punk bar after 4 beers and midnight

The morning. I get up ~12am-4am depending, get ready for work, head in to work, post on daniweb for an hour or two and drink 2 monster energy drinks (this is my morning 7 days a week).

After that things start to go wrong and the day goes down hill from there.

havent those energy drinks side effects?

Probably but they're good

Its 4:30am and i'm posting on daniweb and drinking a monster :)

in turkish we have a saying for such life style: "live fast, die young, let your corpse be handsome."

I guess it is after 1:00 am, then I can get sleep!

I don't have much choice about the hours I am awake, as I work the graveyard shift (9:30PM - 9:30AM) so I guess I would have to say nights :)

Hmmmmm let me think ..
Actually i like to spend time with my Computer.He is my Best friend !!
I like to spend time with some of my SPECIAL FRIENDS :$
I think i like that time ....hehehehehehe

I had an Amiga for 11 years - Spanish for my girlfriend - I gave her up after getting 'married'.

I like the night most, I feel I have more time than others when I do things when others are sleeping!

I like the time spend with my family in a day. I have so little time to share with them those days!

Sleep time is the best time for me, I feel fatigue!

The time between 12.30 and 4.30 AM

Thats when i am at peak coding performance.

The 12-3 pm period is good too, especially for learning and group work.

I am a morning person just like my mother.
My mind is shot in the evening and is only good enough to watch sports on TV.