I would like to know how to display orders placed on a certain day.

For e.g.

I would like to display orders placed today.

My MySQL database contains the following tables:

1). orders
2). orders_statuses

Under orders, I have the following fields:
1). orders_id
2). orders_placed_date

Under orders_statuses, I have the following fields:
1). status_id
2). status_name

When ever a new order is placed, it gets the default status_id = 3 (meaning status_name= Order is Pending)

So, if today 3 orders were placed, all of those will have the same status_id, which is 3. (Order is Pending)

Now what query should I use to calculate orders placed today, and this week and this month.

Here is the result of the query when i select all the orders placed in my cart:

SELECT   order_id, order_placed_date FROM  orders

The Result of the above query:

order_id	order_placed_date
1	        12/30/2008 12:06:24 AM
2	        2/3/2009 1:57:17 AM
3	        2/3/2009 1:58:27 AM
4	        5/3/2009 1:58:48 AM
5	        6/3/2009 2:00:31 AM
6	        7/3/2009 2:01:47 AM
7	        7/3/2009 2:02:31 AM
9	        7/4/2009 2:21:18 PM
10	        7/4/2009 2:21:36 PM
11	        7/4/2009 2:22:18 PM
12	        7/4/2009 2:23:29 PM
13	        7/4/2009 2:24:24 PM

What I would like is to get the total number of orders placed today.

Since today's date is 7 July 2009, you can see from the above result that there are 5 orders placed on 7th July.

What query should I use to get the total number of orders in a certain day, in todays case, 5.

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HEre is the code:

SELECT   COUNT(order_placed_date)
FROM     va_orders
WHERE DATE(order_placed_date) = curdate();
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