Daniweb's IRC channel is boring, and it's everybody's fault. The more people that go there, the more fun it will be, so I order everyone to get an IRC client (because Java clients suck) and go to irc.daniweb.com, port 6667 and join #daniweb.

This goes double for people who visit the Software Development forums because I'll be there and you'll get smarter just by associating yourselves with me in real-time.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

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If you can get the firewood admin here to plug a hole in the firewood I'll be happy to install mIRC at work :)


10 n 4 on your order. I'll be there whenever I find time.

Good thinking by the way ... but I cant order my windows community like that cuz I'm not an expert like you:D and no one is supposed to technically question on the irc chat.

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