Hello to all!!!

Im Hajo and im from germany.

At the moment i study in the philippines IT.

Btw never mind my spelling or grammar, i know it sucks, i hope you guys are still be able to understand me :)

Ok something about me:

I just turned 29 last august (i know old old) but after many years of working and a salary that didn´t statisfy me i decided to study IT for a change. Im just in my second year but i already have plans to do my masteral. (all or nothing,right?)

To be honest, it´s harder then i thought but im willing to learn programming.
I hope that im here in the right place to learn and understand all the miracles that surrounds this interesting field.
And i hope you will have some patience with me.

I don´t listen to music that much but when i do then it will be house, techno or trance. And somtimes what is in the charts ;)

I like watching movies specially those with a good story.

I have a girlfriend and she studies BSHRM.

Okay so far thats it... if someone has a question about me feel free to ask.


Hi HelloMe....

Great that you join our community...

Wish you all the best and we will always help you in your problems in programming.

Hello! Pleased to meet you and welcome to the community! Looking forward to learn new things with you soon!