i have a very good mouse logitech MX Revolution that i like very much so that I have bought another equal.

I have bought the second because, since some weeks, the first makes sometimes the double click with the left button instead of the single click.

The problem now is that I have to change the usb receiver too (it seems they are not compatible each other) but doing this all the Logitech SetPoint setting will reset.

I was arguing if there is a way to export the SetPoint settings and import again with the new mouse; it would be a useful backup for the future in case of Pc or mouse changing or variuos problems.

I could write them on a paper and insert again but it's long and unconfortable because there are a lot of button with a lot of function.

Is anyone of you able to import-export the setting?

Thank you

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I can safely say thay I have been using the Di Novo Keyboard mouse and keypad (bluetooth version) for approximately 4 years now WITHOUT the logitech software and can honestly say that the devices work more reliably both in XP and Vista (ALL flavours).

So before you start to give yourself worries over the issue, try uninstalling the software for your existing device, turn off the machine, change over the devices and start the machine, BE PATIENT as the drivers will be auto installed when windows starts. Yoou swill then have a fully functional device without all the crap which comes with it.

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meanwhile thanks

The receivers are different because there might be two of them in use in the same room (e.g. office or classroom).

Yes your correct the receivers are different but that is the reason why you syncronise them and the receivers dont require software other than the preinstalled with windows. All the Logitech supplimental software is uneccesary its the drivers which are required and these are also updated through the MS Update process.