I recently dual booted my machine with Windows 7 and the switch from Linux inspired me to try out the Google Chrome browser.

I actually really like it: it's minimal with a good, clear interface and seemingly even faster than Firefox.. but I've heard from a couple of sources that virtually every site/search term/download etc is logged by Google, bringing about a rather disturbing 1984 atmosphere to the whole thing :|

Can anyone confirm/dispell that rumour? And what are people's thoughts on Chrome anyway..?

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Well i don't like to use google chrome. Coz i don't like its features. It can't compete with firefox and IE. I love to use my firefox. Its very helpful in your work when you are talking about its add-ons. Its the best browser which i had ever seen.


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Why? The title "Thoughts on Google Chrome..? " is an invite for discussion. One person saying "try this instead" is IMO not a discussion... :icon_wink:

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