the question is.
Create a function rate-class that determines how Canada Post will categorize your letter or package. To be considered a letter, the maximum dimensions are 38 cm in length, 27 cm in width, 2 cm in height, and 500 g in weight. A non-letter can be a light package (maximum weight 500 g), a small package (maximum weight 1000 g), or a large package. Your function will consume length, width, height, and weight and will produce one of the following strings: "letter", "light", "small", or "large".

i was undder the impression that cond statements were needed but it says on my assignment it only covers "module 3" in my textbook, at which point cond statements have not bee mentioned, so im curious as to whether or not someone can give me some simple tips or advice on how to go about answering this one?

and by the way i am using DrScheme, for what its worth



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It sounds like your going to have to use some sort of conditional statement. But this question is kind of impossible to answer because it sounds like the problem is between what the assignment says and the textbook. I think you need to ask the teacher first, then if you have trouble on the syntax come back here for help.

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