I am a student of the University of Liverpool, currently working on my thesis towards the Master's degree in Information System Management. My research topic is related to the aspect of requirement uncertainty in software development process.

May I ask for 15 to 20 minutes of your time to fill out a questionnaire for me regarding this topic? It is in http://amy.sayilovecanada.com/

One of the biggest challenge in software development is the frequent changes in the product requirements due to the intangible nature of software products. At the early stage of the development process, it is common to see both the developers and the clients not having a firm idea on the details of the product to be developed. Even the requirement analysis phase is over, the product requirements may continue to change. Because of this, team members are always asked to redo their completed work, thus producing a desirable quality software product is very difficult. My thesis is to look into this aspect of software development.


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Do you know about Agile? Did you had looks at it?

Detailing requirements and putting down issues/assumption and getting it reviewed by customer removes 30-50% of ambiguity of high level requirements received from customer.

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