Hey everyone,

Membership website is $1.50/mo and the membership includes:

games and challenges with real cash prizes ranging from $5 - $100.

I have 3 lousy members.
Ive dumped $300 into facebook ads, $100 into myspace ads, $300 into google ads, adgitize ads, projectwonderful ads, $10/mo on blogcatalog, and I still cant even pull any more people. The clicks are there because Ive had high advertising cost. Click conversion is decent about 56% CTR. Converting sales is boooooo, it sucks.

Anyone with experiencing running a membership site please respond!!

While I have never run a membership website, the first thing that strikes me about your offer is that membership is only $1.50. I know is I see something that inexpensive I am dubious of the value. Just a thought but how about offer a free membership where if you win a game you can get a free one month membership at the paid level. In the membership set the maximum prize that a person who wins the free month can win no more than $10. But make sure that you mention that people who pay for membership can win up to $100 in prizes. Just a thought.

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