Hello everyone.. I have used this site off and on and have recently decided to join. I am interested in programming and 3d graphics.

My main focuses in programming are:

NASM\MASM assembly

Also, not sure if I am allowed to say this here (Might be considered advertising). I am Goalatio from youtube as well, if anyone wants to see some of my work.

Hope I can share something with all of you.

Hi there and welcome :)

It's great to have you as a member!See you around!

hi ~ welome to this forum, you can learn a lot , enjoy it:)

Hey, you look nice, hope we could be friends!

Wanna join the Daniweb army to take over the universe? ( don't worry we're not using guns, just computers... ) Kidding!
^.^ welcome to Daniweb.com ^.^

you really chosen a very collaborative IT forum as well as (here) having intelligent + conceited mods here ^.^ hope they won't scare you away ^.^

I'm sure you will do great here!
This place is great!!