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I have been using web browser for many years now (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Crome, Safari) and with heavy use of the internet, I have found that all of those browsers except Opera crash after the first few hours of having 20 tabs open with them constantly opening and closing. I know that Internet Explorer was based on Mosaic just like Firefox and possibly Safari. Then Crome was based on Safari. So I'm asking is it possible that a memory leek in mosaic has caused devastating side effects for nearly all browsers based on mosaic code. The memory leek I am talking about is one for when thousands of web pages are stored in the browsers memory index and mosaic wasn't designed for the fast computers we have today as the faster hardware theoretically makes it possible for more to be stored in the memory when there is a limitation in the mosaic software that prevents it from using the full ability of todays hardware. And yes the browser companies try to patch that up but don't do a good job of it as all except Opera have failed to alter the real bug in mosaic and instead they just wrote additional lines to try and go around the code. This topic is for discussion on this mosaic bug as it has nasty effects on todays browsers and only a software company reprogramming the memory core from scratch could truly solve this one.
For the time being, Opera is the only browser bug free when it comes to memory glitches unless you can list more browsers.