I'm just curious about the opinions of people in the programming industry as to what they would think of the following scenario:

  • User is an active contributor within DaniWeb (granted only recently joined)
  • User has supplied a large number of working solutions or at the very least processes by which solutions were derived for other members (for the time frame that they've been here)
  • User has shown knowledge and skill set within specific categories

Would it then be a case where that user could include their daily troubleshooting, debugging and code referencing work within DaniWeb as "Volunteer Work" or "Volunteer Experience" within their resume?

Would you include, perhaps, an URL to your profile here for potential employers to view? Or just general statistics (such as solved threads and positive feedback)? Or would it in any way impact on a resume in the first place?

I have to assume that at least SOME employers out there know of DaniWeb based on the size of the community here and the prevalence of the site in searches related to IT and code troubleshooting.

Any thoughts? Just to clarify, I don't contribute to the forums and to answering peoples' questions out of any need for personal gain but I am curious if my contribution here would be something of interest/benefit to add to my resume is all :twisted:

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I don't think I would. This could backfire since they can determine when the posts were made, perhaps during working hours ...

I suppose... In my case I'm currently unemployed and I've been using my "free time" to try to help out others :twisted:

Don't see any problem with it then. It just shows you're keeping busy.

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