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When my pursuit of understanding in relation to PCs takes me to detailed technical 'white papers' related to physics, electronics and other very specialised fields of activity. From a technical article I wrote a while back, about extreme cooling tech and in response to a reader:



I’ll take your word for it that your summation of that article is a correct one, Tim, because it made my eyes bleed trying to read it.



Thanks guys. I am still no closer to getting my script written for my message board though. . . I mean , how hard could it be but I have blown away the dang thing more times than I care to rember. Fortunately, I am not stupid enough that I test things on any of my working boards. But dang! I am so stupid that I don't even know how or where to post a request for help. :cry:


I sometimes read a passage over and over and never take it in 'cos i'm thinkin' of something some tramp at the station did...maybe. :-|


Don't feel like you're the only one... include me!!! I'm stupid... just J/K;)... only when I want to be :)

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