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    ddanbe 2,720   8 Years Ago

    Must be a nice person when he is sober. Drunks that far away are not always so "gentle". Read More

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    I didn't know they took a video of me buying beer! :) Read More

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    [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9s89FqNpXO4"]Here is how the French handle the situation[/URL] - I have heard about this method of opening a wine bottle; in fact I tried it but did not have the necessary persistence. Read More


video of a drunk trying to buy some more beer.

That's awesome. You have got to respect the pure will-power of this man. I mean, he's 99% unconscious, but he still keeps on trying to buy that 1 sixpack which is probably going to kill him.

When I was an active drinker, I usually just pass out before reaching this point. :)

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Must be a nice person when he is sober. Drunks that far away are not always so "gentle".


That drunk guy video is unbelievable. I've been around my fair share of drunks, but nothing remotely close to that. It looks like a supernatural power is controlling him with a will to get beer.


Doesn't anyone else think that was a truly amazing way to open a bottle of wine.

It was rather amusing, but when I'm old enough to even drink, i'll stick to a corkscrew :P


I have been out in the country w/o a corkscrew - we broke the top off and poured the wine through a handkerchief. That would have been much more elegant.


Youtube "Larry Goes to the Market". It's a truly first-class short film MADE ENTIRELY from the footage of that dude. It made me LOL.


that video is awesome. i cant see it here at work, but i hope you linked the one with the cool musical score.

i'm pretty certain he's not (just) drunk though. probably high on pure ether, or perhaps ketamine (special K)

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