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I am old enough to remember the Westworld movie which starred Yul Brynner as a malfunctioning robot cowboy. It also featured sex robots, androids which allowed paying punters to indulge their every sexual fantasy. Of course, Westworld was a big hit in 1973 and I guess it was only ever going to be a matter of time until that fantasy became a technological reality. Some 27 years on and the world's first sex robot has made an appearance in Las Vegas at, perhaps somewhat fittingly, the recent AVN Adult Entertainment Expo.

The Roxxxy TrueCompanion is said to be more than just an advanced 'blow up doll' which, considering it will cost you upwards of $7000 plus a monthly subscription fee is just as well. How much more advanced? Well the manufacturers claim that it comes complete with a programmable artificial intelligence engine which can learn just what turns you on and off. Advanced as in it is five girlfriends, although that is probably the wrong word, in one. According to the manufacturers the robot comes with the five personalities built in, be it Mature Martha or Wild Wendy that you want. It's even possible to create your own custom girlfriend profiles and, should you so desire, swap them with your other sad sex robot owning mates.

The man behind Roxxxy, if you'll excuse the expression, is a former AT&T Bells Labs AI scientist called Douglas Hines who spent more than two years bringing this fantasy android idea to market. At the launch Hines said that Roxxxy had been designed to "deliver the best in robot sex". It seems that those who attended the launch in Vegas were impressed not only by the AI but also the synthetic skin which produces a flesh-like look and feel for the anatomically correct robot. There's even a liquid cooling system to ensure that feel is never too hot and sweaty, powered by a mechanical 'heart' of sorts. The thing can even talk and makes comments in response to your touch. It's not quite into Westworld territory though, as this sex robot cannot walk despite having an articulated skeleton under the synthetic skin.

If all of this has not freaked you out enough yet, I am led to believe that a male sex robot called Rocky is currently in development.

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