Hi Folks. My name is Elie S. Hirschman, though I usually go by my initials ESH (especially online). I have an educational background in C++, then learned Java, VB and VB.Net on the job, and taught myself HTML, Javascript and CSS.
I am 28 years old and have worked in energy, document management and accounting software.
I am married with 2 kids, I live and work in the NYC metro area.
On the side, I like to maintain my comic and voiceover websites... and of course, draw comic and perform voiceover work. "Voiceover" here includes CD-Rom reads for educational software and audio dramas, plus anything else that'll come my way. :lol:
I noticed your site while Googling for a solution to some problem I am having with Windows, and I figured rather than jumping right in with my problem, I would introduce myself first. (I hear lurking is bad for your health).

So.... HI!

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trust me, no one here wants to hear about my problems. My computer-related questions, maybe.... ;)

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