The Resourceful uses of Technology in Katrina and Tsuname represents a turning point in the Web's Vital involvement

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1. Enter address, city, state in the address box and click Find -OR - drag map with mouse or click on compass in the upper left to pan and use the in/out buttons above to zoom.

2. Click a camera icon to view before and after images (not available in all areas).

I think there has been a lot of valuable contributions that have come from Katrina like people being able to donate online, ebay autions, blogs and even sat radio and tv setting up channels to be used for communication. So your right technology can certainly help out in times of need.

Online Donations
Online Relocation Housing Directories
Real-time News Updates
Global Blogs

Just imagine if this technology was around in the mid 1940's - how different FATE would have been for so many.

too bad we can't both go back to say 1935 and invest heavily in those technologies.

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