I recently got my SCJP last month and really need info on where I can find opportunities for a java programmer in nigeria. And would also be very grateful if anyone could advise me on the advanced technologies I should start looking at esp in terms of marketability around here, cos as you know, the SCJP is only foundation stuff ... but all the same I'm in dire need of a job and would be very grateful for helpful comments.

(hope this is the right place to post this thread)

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Well, this isn't really the correct forum for job advice, and furthermore, most of the members here are either from the US or the UK.

Thanks BestJewSinceJC,
but that's a bit odd because this code was actually moved here by a moderator (peter_budo).
Anyway, which forum(s) am I likely to get advice from ... as I'm sure there must be a few members where I'm from.

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