Hi all,

I am currently paying a company to host my new website, but am a little concerned with the speed in which it takes to download images. As it is an online auction website, it is essential that the speed is optimized.

I went onto vertain.com who provided me with the following Speed test results:

URL: http://www.fabricjam.com
Measured Speed (using 10 mbps T3 connection): 10.44 sec

Compare with other sites:

Samples from our benchmarks, showing average speed (in sec) for the last 12 months:
google.com 0.6 arin.net 0.7 apple.com 1.1 microsoft.com 1.2 fedex.com 2.3 usps.gov 2.9 cnn.com 4.4 weather.com 5.9

So its obvious that its a little slow!

How do I speed it up in the most cost effective way?

Thanks :-)

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Objectively, it loads plenty fast for me on my FIOS 15/2 connection.
Disappointing that there's no lingerie section, though.
I think you'll find this has more to do with your connection than the server.

...is what i was thinking

Some of your images are very large-Typically, you want to keep them under 50K, but some are over 2 MB. Use a program like Irfanview or Photoshop to reduce the size.

do you mean in search results? because those images are small... and thats where I find it is slowest downloading

Your images may look small, but that's because you're using HTML to re-size them. The server still must load the original image at its original size.
This image:
for instance, is 2.12 MB.
I haven't gone through the whole site, but I did find several this large. Many of your images have been properly sized, so just re-size the rest of them.

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