I know I'll sound stupid asking this but i don't know any face2face computer geeks besides myself. Anyways i was wondering, just what DOES the scroll lock button do? Also, what is the tilde(~) used for in the English Language? Or is it for Programming or something?

Ok Thanx For Answering in advance!
The Unreal Wolf

hmm thx for posting info on that i ain got time to read them but im surprised that there was enough inof that u had to pick thru them lol :mrgreen:

interestingly in-depth especially the tilde page. i guess it doesnt have a use in the english language as a character but ibm created it hmmm...
i like the scroll lock one to and i can make myself look like i know something about excel now by mentioning that part about keeping the cursor box in the same place :cheesy:

ok here's another "I'll probably sound stupid" question: what the heck is a blog? most sites start going into really complicated information when i look them up :(

Actually, the only language usage of the tilde in English is in dictionaries, where it is called a 'swung dash'.

Where the various suffixed variations of a word are being listed, they are preceded by a tilde which is being used to represent the root word.

There are also many uses of the tilde in various branches of mathematics and science.


Basically, "blog" is short for web-log, an online journal.