I would like all my forum correspondence to be deleted.
At this moment I am cleaning up my internet appearance.
Doing this I still come across this forum ( via google listings).
I am not too happy about that.
For private reasons I would like to have all correspondence deleted.
Pleas advise a way to have that done.


We generally dont do that because then other people would be affected (e.g if we delete your post in a certain thread, that thread may no longer make sense).

You agreed to our rules and TOS when you created your account which state that

"this is a public site where all threads, posts, news stories, code snippets, tutorials, etc... are available to everyone"

and most importantly;

"DaniWeb LLC reserves full rights and privileges to information posted to anywhere within the daniweb.com domain by its members"

Happygeek already pointed out our acceptable use policy in your other thread.

Deletion of forum content is not merely a matter of request. Once you posted the information in publicly available forum, it became non-private by your own choice.

Edit: Cross-post with jbennet. Sorry for any confusion.