does anyone know a free program to delete computer history or how to do it?

in Internet Explorer go to tools /internet options /General / clear history

...or install TweakUI, and change the option to clear computer history at login/logoff. You can also clear the "Run.." history, and a ton of other stuff with it. Best of all, it's FREE :)

i tried to download TweakUI and some box came up and i unzipped 4 things and idk what to do now because nothing happened, so if you could tell me what to do next, or if you know another program. thanks.

After you unzip the 4 files, right-click on the .inf and choose "Install."

Halfway through the install, a box will pop up that will tell you to access TweakUI from the Control Panel. Close the box, and the install will finish.

Once the install is done, it's safe to delete the 4 files you unzipped from the original .zip file.

Open the Control Panel, and you'll see a new icon labeled "TweakUI."

Double-click to open, and all the options there should be simple to figure out.

An INF file is a text file that contains all the information necessary to install a device, such as driver names and locations, registry information, version information, that is used by the Setup components.

where do i find the INF? sorry to be a pest im not the most computer smart person.

search your computer for the one you want.

Right-click on the tweakui.inf file to install it.

the INF file is where you unzipped it to. it should have created another folder with a zipper and double click on it and it should be there.

CCleaner is a great little program (and freeware) for removing history, temp files, and a lot of other unnecessary stuff.

I think you have to Delete internet history, cookies, temp files and saved form data. Delete history information stored in the registry. Recognize that at this point all your PC's standard histories are now erased. Run Spybot, and click Check for Problems. Overwrite the History contained in your target index.


You can try ccleaner to delete the browsing history as well as the temporary files of your system.