OK, it is very nearly Xmas now which means, if your household is anything like mine, lots of new tech toys to play with.

So I'm starting a thread where you can post both what you are hoping to get and then, after Santa has slid down your chimney with his bulging sack, some words about the best bit of tech kit you actually got.

I asked for a Pure Vl-61060 Sirocco 150 sound system and know I got it because I happened to answer the door when the delivery man dropped it off yesterday. A full review will follow in the DaniWeb Product Reviews section after Xmas when I've been allowed to open it! I'm looking forward to it, as it combines a DAB radio with an iPhone friendly (no beep-da-boop-de-boop-boop-boop noises when playing music) dock.

So come on, what about you?

No links to products though please, just discussion rather than spam :)

I am hoping for a robotic laser beam lawn mower. :)

I'm not really expecting any new toys this Christmas. I did finish a networked tetris game I was working on yesterday, and I just got virtualbox for my mac. That's good enough I guess.

I have received a small beautiful church by my friend that is made by wax and looking so much beautiful, this is my best gift for whole year and i am happy to have it.

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I got my Christmas, New Years, Birthday, Valentines (for the next 10 years or so) present about two weeks before Christmas -- a new HDTV with Bose sound system. A couple of guys brought it out to my house, set it all up, and took away all my old stuff.

I am hoping for a robotic laser beam lawn mower. :)

Does that come with a teenager to push it ? :)

I don't have a lawn out here in the desert, but one of those robotic vacuum cleaners would do it for me.

Or just any robot in general would be fine :)

No tech, but I did get a couple of books on PHP, the Zend study guide and a PHP OOP book :)

The Gift I recieved was a Day WITHOUT any technology. A whole day spent in the company of my wife. Gest gift ever. And never a xmas tree in sight. Yay!

I dont do ADDS but,
have to say thanks to Daniweb for the best present i got.

The Add for LimeDomains was my best present.
In Australia , i tried to fire up a Domain.
The cheapest was
(after adding all the xtras like web hosting) $189au.(a 1year sub)
LimeDomains with all the bells & wistles thrown in $121au (a 5years sub)

Daniweb, thanks for a $700 xmas present.

I dont do ADDS but you guys are best.

Happy xmas & new year to everyone.:icon_wink::)

My girlfriend bought me a small hdtv (for playing video games). Other than that I got a pair of basketball shoes & a ball.

I got a 1 TB hard disk!

no, they are -

I had a 500gb freeagent. bought a 1tb, transferred it all over movie backups, itunes (120. 000 songs and counting...)(so I could split up the 500gb for cloning backups, etc).

that was 2 weeks ago.

my 1tb is 90% full!!

how did it happen?!!!!